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MAX AV - Here’s a list of questions we’re often asked


Here’s a list of questions we’re often asked. If you don’t see the answer to your query below then please call us or send us your question using the form below.

01 |  I don’t like techie stuff – won’t it be difficult for us to operate?
On the contrary, it’s there to make your life less complicated. The object is to take multiple remote controls and interfaces and replace them with one unified, simple to use system.
02 |  Isn’t all this expensive?
Not necessarily. It can work out cheaper than buying separate systems from multiple manufacturers.
03 |  Is the system expandable?
Absolutely. As you get to know your system it’s inevitable that you’ll want to add to it.
04 |  Is this just for new builds or can I install it into my existing home?
It is retrofittable but some re-decoration is inevitable. We will always endeavour to keep this to a minimum.
05 |  Can I control my existing equipment?
It is likely that you can control your existing equipment however this is not always the case and this is something we discuss at the design stage.
06 |  What happens if it goes wrong? Will it be like my computer and crash?
Problems can and do occur however, MAX AV always design systems with maximum resilience in mind. In many cases they are also self-healing, for example if a component (a Sky+ HD box for example) were to become unresponsive, the system will sense this and automatically reboot it in an attempt to resolve the issue.
07 |  Isn’t it an eyesore?
We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and endeavour to ensure that all equipment is installed to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible.
08 |  Is it green?
Lighting and blinds can be programmed to reduce the amount of energy required to heat or light the home. Weather sensors can even be incorporated so that the house ‘reacts’ to climate changes (i.e. closing a window when it rains).


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